Time Machine Backups

The CSMT requests that all Mac users utilize Time Machine for backups. One may use other tools in addition to Time Machine, as long as they are in addition to Time Machine, not instead of. Time Machine allows the CSMT to quickly and easily restore your Mac back to the most recently-updated state, including applications, settings, accounts and files.

The first time you use Time Machine, plug in a dedicated USB disk, and Time Machine should automatically ask if you want to use it for backups. Do *not* choose to encrypt your backup.

The first backup takes the longest, so run it when the laptop will be on and plugged in for a bit (for instance, recommend starting it a few minutes before you go in to a meeting). Subsequent backups do not take as long. For future backups, just plug in the USB disk, and it will do incrementals. Backup your laptop daily for the best protection, or when you've created files that you wish to save.

The Time Machine icon in the upper right corner of your screen will indicate when the backup is running and finished. If Time Machine doesn't automatically launch when you plug in the disk, open it via System Preferences.

If you need additional help, either open an Assist ticket (assist@hao.ucar.edu), or see this page: