Komal Kumari

Komal Kumari headshot outdoors
ASP Postdoc

Dr. Kumari, an ASP postdoctoral fellow at High Altitude Observatory affiliated with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, specializes in studying nonlinear wave dynamics within the upper atmosphere, covering regions from the equator to the poles. She earned her PhD in Physics from Clemson University in May 2021 and subsequently served as a postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration until December 2023. With seven years of expertise in handling observational and model-assimilated data, Dr. Kumari is skilled in the analysis of satellite temperature observations, ground-based scanning doppler imager data, and meteor radar observations pertaining to winds associated with tidal-wave-scale, planetary-wave-scale and traveling gravity-wave-scale phenomena. She is primarily interested in researching the role of wave coupling processes in connecting the dynamics of the lower and upper atmosphere.