Exploring Solar Coronal Polarization with P-CORONA: Forward Modeling and Applications

When (times in MT)
Wed, Feb 14 2024, 11am - 1 hour
Event Type
Supriya Dayananda
IAC, Canary Islands

We have developed P-CORONA, a new three-dimensional (3D) modeling tool designed to investigate the polarization profiles of various solar coronal lines—both forbidden and permitted. This code takes into account the complexities introduced by magnetic fields, through both the Hanle and Zeeman effects, and non-radial solar wind velocities in a 3D coronal model. In this talk, I will describe the technical aspects of P-CORONA, which will soon be made accessible to the scientific community. Along with this, I will discuss some of the results obtained using P-CORONA, focusing specifically on the impact of non-radial solar wind velocities on the permitted Ly-α lines of H I and He II, and the forbidden lines of Fe XIII at 10747 Å and 10798 Å.

About the Speaker

I obtained my Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India on the topic "Exploration of the Second Solar Spectrum through Polarimetric Studies". Currently, I am working as a post-doctoral fellow at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Spain. Here, I am a member of the POLMAG group, which is a European Research Council Advanced Grant project. My scientific interests include coronal magnetometry, spectral line formation, polarized radiative transfer, and scattering polarization on the sun.