HAO Colloquium - Dos and don'ts of inversions: state of the art and challenges ahead

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Wed, Mar 27 2024, 2pm - 1 hour
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Joao Da Silva Santos
Building & Room

Radiative transfer inversions are essential for extracting key information from observations of the Sun's lower atmosphere. They vary from simple analytical approximations to complex, time-consuming numerical schemes, providing a range of methods. Yet, despite notable strides in refining inversion codes in recent years, numerous challenges persist in the era of high-resolution, multi-observatory solar physics. This talk explores the limits of inversions, highlighting areas of failure and discussing necessary improvements.

About the Speaker

João is a postdoctoral researcher at the NSO in Boulder and a member of the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) team, supporting operations in Maui. He earned his PhD in Astronomy from Stockholm University, Sweden, where his research primarily focused on observations and modeling of IRIS and ALMA observations. He was also trained in observational solar physics at the Swedish Solar Telescope in La Palma. João's primary research interests include studying the heating and dynamics of the chromosphere, as well as exploring atmospheric coupling between different layers using inversions and MHD simulations. He is also interested in data mining and data post-processing techniques.