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Date: Jun 22, 2023
Time (MT): -
Speaker: Ian Hewins
Location: CG1-2139 Capt Mary

Date: Sep 29, 2023
Time (MT): -
Location: Center Green 1, auditorium

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Sponsored Kidwind 2023 students enjoying a group photograph behind the Mesa Lab

HAO Sponsors Aspiring Young Scientists

As part of HAO's DEI initiative, we recently sponsored nine 4th & 5th grade girls (and 1 boy) and 8 parents from Port Towns Elementary School in Bladensburg, MD, a predominantly low-income area near Washington, DC, to travel to Boulder and participate in the KidWind Challenge at CU. They had won the regional competition, which qualified them for a chance to compete here with their wind turbine.

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Announcing Boulder Solar Day, September 29, 2023

Registration is open!  The last BSD was in 2018. Not willing to wait any longer we decided to meet on Friday, September 29, 2023. We hope to see you all this fall for an informal 1-day meeting that brings together researchers from CU, HAO, LASP, NOAA, NSO, NWRA, and SwRI as well as out-of-town visitors to give an overview of solar research being accomplished at local institutes and to discuss current progress on solar instrumentation, observations, and models. 

Alfred De Wijn and Roberto Cassini installing ViSP

First Observation of Chromospheric Waves in a Sunspot by DKIST/ViSP

The first scientific paper using data from the Visible SpectroPolarimeter (ViSP) has been published. The Inouye Solar Telescope's ViSP reveals new insight into the magnetic properties of waves and shocks as observed as "umbral flashes" within a small sunspot.

ViSP was developed at HAO and this publication is co-authored by HAO scientists Roberto Casini, Alfred de Wijn, and Philip Judge.

Erupting prominence

2023 UCAR/NCAR Summer Program: Heliophysics

The Heliophysics Summer School is run by NASA's Living With a Star program and UCAR/CPAESS since 2007; focusing on the physics of space weather events.
Apply for this summer 2023—deadline is
3 March 2023, see website.

We regret that the Space Weather Summer School is not meeting in 2023, but we hope to resume in 2024.