2021-04-29: 3-Part CME

A 3 part-CME (loop, cavity, prominence core) was captured by the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory K-Coronagraph (K-Cor) on April 29, 2021. The slow-moving event was in-progress when K-Cor observations began at 17:21 UT. The prominence was first seen in K-Cor at position angle (PA) 35 degrees. The prominence was part of the polar crown filament, the highest latitude magnetic polarity inversion line adjacent to the northern coronal hole. The event trajectory was very non-radial, moving equatorward, driven by the pressure of the open magnetic flux from the adjacent coronal hole. The prominence expanded and faded against background coronal structures as it reached ~70 degrees PA at an apparent height below 2 solar radii.

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