2022-06-13 CME

Discussion and Trajectory Plots

MLSO OBSERVING DAY June 12, 2013. CME begins ~June 13 01:06 UT

The Mauna Loa K-Coronagraph observed a fast, wide CME beginning June 13 2022 ~01:06 UT in the northeast. It was initially a very slow rising loop for a few hours and then rapidly accelerated into a fast, bright, wide loop as seen in the composite image movie showing NASA AIA EUV composites (blue/green disk), Mauna Loa K-Cor (b/w images) and LASCO C2 (red images).

The first trajectory plot shows the slow rise in the CME. The second trajectory plot omits the early phase of the slow rise. The data are fit with 3 polynomials: 1st order (constant velocity), 2nd-order (constant acceleration), and 3rd-order (acceleration increases (decrease) linearly). The first-order (constant velocity) fit is poor in both trajectories. The data clearly show a rapid rise in acceleration at approximately 03:10 UT. The fit on the right shows a final speed of 1137 k/s in the K-Cor field-of-view from the 3rd-order polynomial fit computed at the last data point in the trajectory.