MLSO Users' Committee

The Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) is a facility of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and is operated by the High Altitude Observatory (HAO). It provides observations of the solar photosphere, chromosphere and corona in order to understand the Sun’s continuous release of plasma and energy into interplanetary space and the impacts at Earth. HAO is committed to providing the community with critically important, high-quality solar observations. In 2008, HAO formed the Mauna Loa Users' Committee to help identify those observations which provide the greatest potential for advancing our understanding of the Sun and the heliosphere. The committee is comprised of solar and space scientists whose charge is to provide a forum for the users of the MLSO facility, to give feedback and advice to HAO on the status, desired enhancements and future new developments of the MLSO facility and operations. They provide HAO with valuable independent advice regarding scientific priorities, user observing modes and programs and advise HAO in assessing the efficacy and quality of MLSO data products. HAO is grateful to the committee for its guidance and acknowledges the improvements that have taken place thanks to the committee's input.

MLSO Users' Committee Members:

Chair: David Alexander, Rice University
Nick Arge, Air Force Research Lab
Tim Bastian, University of Virginia and National Radio Astronomical Observatory
Terry Forbes, University of New Hampshire
Holly Gilbert, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Shadia Habbal, University of Hawaii, IfA
Jerry Harder, University of Colorado LASP
Alex Pevtsov, National Solar Observatory
Chris St.Cyr, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center