APEX Fortran Code

Fortran code to convert between geographic and magnetic quasi-dipole, magnetic apex, and modified magnetic apex coordinate systems based on Van Zandt et al. (1972) and Richmond [1995]. The geomagnetic main field is the International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) Version 13. The test program includes:

  • Magnetic apex parameters for a given location
  • Base vectors for scaling electric field and ion velocity components
  • Magnetic footpoints in both hemispheres for a given geographic point
  • Conversion between quasi-dipole and geographic coordinates
  • Subsolar point, solar zenith angle, magnetic local time

**Download from https://github.com/NCAR/apex_fortran.**

***In case you need the updated coefficient file with IGRF13 in an older format please download here.

References for apex coordinate systems:

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    VanZandt, T.E., Clark, W.L.,and Warnock, J.M. (1972). Magnetic Apex Coordinates: A magnetic coordinate system for the ionospheric F2 layer, Journal of Geophysical Research, 77, 2406-2411.

Other resources for apex code: