SD/WACCM-X v. 2.1 extended runs (1980-2017)

30 TB of WACCM-X v. 2.1 specified dynamics (SD) output, covering the years 1980-2017, are available on the NCAR Climate Data Gateway and can be accessed at the following link:

All the data are in netCDF format: self-describing binary data format used for primary CESM output.

WACCM-X output is written to several output streams, each with a particular frequency and averaging characteristic:

  • h0: monthly instantaneous
  • h1: 3-hourly instantaneous
  • h2: daily instantaneous
  • h3: daily averages
  • h4: 5-day averages
  • h6: daily averages, zonal mean circulation diagnostics

Issue with CO2 Concentrations in SD-WACCM-X v2.1 Simulations

To download the data follow these instructions:

Climate Data Gateway screenshots