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Oscillation between differential rotation kinetic energy (solid red curve) and perturbation Rossby waves kinetic energy (red dashed curve)
November 15, 2017

It is widely known that the Sun has 'spots'--dark areas on its surface that are well known to contain strong magnetic fields, much stronger than the Earth's field. The number of spots seen on the Sun waxes and wanes with a period of roughly eleven years, the 'solar cycle'.

(Right to left) FLIR camera, PolarCam, and Avantes flash spectra
October 31, 2017

HAO scientists observed the August 21st total eclipse with a suite of three instruments with financial assistance provided by NASA. The experiments were intended to learn about the magnetic and thermal structure of the solar corona with the goal of understanding how the Sun generates weather in space.

Joan Burkepile leading STEM hands-on workshop
August 31, 2017

For over a decade, Joan Burkepile has participated in the STEM conference for middle school girls called “Expanding Your Horizons,” at CU Boulder. These one-day hands-on workshops are led by women professionals and are designed to be fun and exploratory.



Determining the state of the corona prior to coronal mass ejections (CMEs) is crucial to understanding and ultimately predicting solar eruptions.

July 20, 2016

The Sun Today is a single-page website dedicated to displaying the most recent movies from MLSO and other solar instruments. It is designed to display best on an HD display, but will scale properly for mobile devices. Set it as your home page and learn more about...The Sun Today!

December 22, 2014

The Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) satellite was launched in 1980 aboard a NASA Delta rocket. Among SMM's primary science objectives was the study of the dynamics of solar flares and the study of solar magnetic fields associated with the flare phenomenon.

Table of Events

Date Speaker Title
01/10/2018 - 2:00pm McInerney, Joe HAO Colloquium - Joe McInerney, HAO
01/17/2018 - 2:00am HAO Coloquium - Phil Judge, HAO
01/23/2018 - 11:00am Griñón Marín, Ana Belén HAO Colloquium - Ana Belén Griñón Marín, Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
01/24/2018 - 2:00pm HAO Colloquium - Simon Wing, JHUAPL
01/31/2018 - 2:00pm HAO Colloquiium -
02/07/2018 - 2:00pm Zabotin, Nikolay HAO Colloquium - Nikolay Zabotin, CU
02/14/2018 - 2:00pm HAO Colloquium -
02/21/2018 - 2:00pm HAO Colloquium -
02/28/2018 - 2:00pm HAO Colloquium -
03/07/2018 - 2:00pm Alvarado-Gómez, Julián David HAO Colloquium - Julián David Alvarado-Gómez, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics