FYI, we will not be holding a Space Weather Summer School in 2023. We hope to resume in 2024.

HAO held the latest in a series of successful Space Weather Summer Schools in Boulder, Colorado during the last 2 weeks of July. This unique educational workshop brought together 31 students mainly from the United States along with two students from abroad. Lecturers included experts in solar physics, solar wind, magnetsophere, and ionosphere-thermosphere in order to provide the students with a comprehensive background of the complete space weather system. In addition to lectures on the physics of the system, students learned from experts at the Space Weather Prediction Center about the challenges in making accurate space weather forecasts. Specialists provided an understanding of how space weather processes turn into impacts in human systems such as the power grid. Each day of the school included a computer-based laboratory exercise that let the students get hands-on experience with the models used to simulate space weather. HAO was pleased to once again provide students with an informative, comprehensive, and well well-appreciated introduction to space weather.

Students and lecturers assembled together outdoors at the Embassy Suites patio area

SWSS 2022 Group Photograph