Dr. Dong Lin's research article, “Origin of Dawnside Subauroral Polarization Streams During Major Geomagnetic Storms,” was featured this month as an Editor's Highlight on Eos.org. According to the AGU journals, fewer than 2 percent of papers are selected to be highlighted in this way. See full highlight.

Very colorful graphics

(a-b) Ring current pressure sampled at the geosynchronous orbit at 18 MLT and 06 MLT. (c-d) Ratio between electrostatic drift and magnetic drift speeds of ions with the same energy invariant. The cyan curves show contours of kinetic energy of 10 keV and 100 keV. The magenta curves show contours of effective potential separated by 20 kV, equivalent to ion drift path. (e-f) Equatorial distributions of test particle protons 30 minutes after they were released at 06 UT and 18 UT. The colorbar shows residual magnetic field $B_Z$ with dipole background subtracted. The green, cyan, and magenta curves are ionospheric boundaries of upward and downward FACs, and equatorward boundary of electron precipitation, respectively, mapped from the northern hemisphere along geomagnetic field lines