The Astrophysical Journal:  Alin R. Paraschiv, Alina C. Donea, and Philip G. Judge present comprehensive observations of recurrent active region coronal jets, and derive their thermal and non-thermal properties. We discuss a peculiar penumbral magnetic reconnection site, which we previously identified as a "Coronal Geyser". This analysis of geysers provides new information and observational constraints applicable to theoretical modeling of solar jets. The main thermal plasma physical parameters, such as temperature, density, energy flux contributions, etc., are calculated using multiple inversion techniques. The underlying models are assessed, and their limitations and applicability are debated. Additionally, we perform source reconstruction and spectral analysis of higher energy observations to further assess the thermal structure and identify non-thermal plasma emission properties. Cool and hot thermal emission are found. These jets are found to be energetically stronger than polar jets, but we find their potential influence on heliospheric energetics and dynamics to be limited. We additionally found that our observations can only be explained by a combination of thermal and non-thermal emission models.

Two rows of colorful squares, 8 total, showing coronal geyser jet action

A multi-wavelength view of a coronal geyser jet.