CIT Passwords

** Onsite staff can stop by a CSMT member's office for a CIT password reset. It will take less than a minute to reset. **

CIT Password Portal

Posted 2016:

All UCAR staff are encouraged to enroll in the new portal
Enrollment is simple–you’ll set up three security questions and answers that will be used to verify your identity when accessing the portal. Best practice will remain to change your CIT password from your workstation while connected to the network when you receive an expiration reminder email.

We hope you find the new portal helpful and easy to use. For additional information, please see:

On October 17, 2016 a new self-service CIT Password Portal will be released. This self-service portal gives you the flexibility to reset your password without having to contact your help desk or system administrator.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)
The self-service portal is one phase of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) project under the Operational Excellence program. Some of the goals are to require fewer passwords for staff to remember, reduce staff frustration with entering multiple passwords over the course of a day’s work, and enable easier collaboration with partner research organizations. The project intends to achieve these goals while meeting the requirements of new cloud-based offerings for business and science applications.

The most visible change will be in the applications you currently log into using your UCAS password, instead you will begin using your CIT password. We also intend to use Single sign-on wherever practical and as technical integration makes this possible. Single sign-on means that once you log in to the system, it will remember you for an extended period of time. Most configurations currently would cover a typical work day. The result will be far fewer passwords to keep track of and remember.

In late fall or early winter, we will announce the start date for a select number of commonly used business applications. As we complete testing these systems and applications, we will solidify those dates and keep you informed.