HAO Staff Aliases

There are many HAO email aliases. Below is a recap of some of the common ones:
(It is best to use a google group for meeting invitations)

The following two HAO email aliases are best suited for general use

"hao-staff@ucar.edu" = all current HAO staff members. Google group (calendar invites).

"hao-inhouse@ucar.edu" = HAO staff and longer-term visitors in the building. Handy for meeting announcements. Email list.

Other HAO email aliases

"hao-admin@ucar.edu" = HAO Administrative staff. Google group.

"hao-aim@ucar.edu" = HAO AIM section. Google group.

"hao-dsac@ucar.edu" = HAO Director's Strategic Advisory Committee. Google group.

"hao-geospacefrontiers@ucar.edu" = HAO Geospace Frontiers section. Google group.

"hao-git@ucar.edu" = HAO Subversion-to-Gitbhub conversion 2016. Google group.

"hao-hiac@ucar.edu" = HAO Instrumentation Advisory Committee. Google group.

"hao-hpss@ucar.edu" = HAO HPSS Task Force. Google group.

"hao-ig@ucar.edu" = HAO Instrumentation Group. Google group.

"hao-kcor@ucar.edu" = HAO K-Cor Group. Google group.

"hao-metadata@ucar.edu" = HAO Metadata Group. Google group.

"haoprop@hao.ucar.edu" = HAO Proposals Group. Caitlyn, Amy, Joanne. Email list.

"hao-solarfrontiers@ucar.edu" = HAO Solar Frontiers section. Google group.

"hao-viscom@ucar.edu" = HAO Visitor Committee. Google group.

"seminar@hao.ucar.edu" = the seminar mailman list. Contains both internal UCAR and external email addresses. Email list.

"staffvis@hao.ucar.edu" = includes HAO staff and over 120 collaborators, most of whom are offsite. Good for news intended for the extended HAO community.

"visitor@hao.ucar.edu" = all HAO visitors and collaborators, here or remote. List contains over 120 people in the extended HAO community. Email list.

*Google groups integrate with Google calendar, docs, and apps. Email lists are only text-file lists that do not integrate with Google. It is best to use a google group for meeting invitations. We have many lists in HAO, including mailman lists, and not all have been converted to Google groups.