Using Copiers from Unix

Please see our Printer List page for HAO printers and their specifications.

Printing from HAO LINUX systems using the lp command

The lp commands work on the Linux systems using the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System).

Below are examples of sending print jobs from LINUX:

lp -o sides=two-sided-long-edge filename (duplex printing)
lp -o landscape filename (landscape printing)

Additional examples:
lp -d hao-2151 -o DuplexNoTumble filename (portrait duplex)
lp -d hao-2151 -o Landscape filename (landscape page)
lp -d hao-2151 -o Tabloid filename (11"x17" page)

The printers can print PS, TEXT, and PDF and other file formats using the lp command. They use a set of different options than the regular lp commands however. If you need a complete listing of the printer options, send the following print job to one of the printers. Be advised that this will produce a large number of pages.

lp -d hao-2151 -o OPTIONS filename