Roberto Casini

Roberto Casini - Roberto's work focuses on spectro-polarimetric diagnostics of electric and magnetic fields in the solar chromosphere and corona; development and maintenance of numerical codes for the forward modeling and inversion of scattering polarization in spectral lines in the presence of electric and magnetic fields; and scattering polarization with PRD in complex atoms. Roberto is the lead scientist of the ProMag instrument.

Rebecca Centeno

Rebecca Centeno - Rebecca's background is in the field of spectro-polarimetry for remote sensing of magnetic fields in the Sun's atmosphere. Her work focuses on the interpretation of polarized radiation coming from the Photosphere and the Chromosphere of the Sun. She currently leads the CSAC effort and works on the development and maintenance of the SDO/HMI and the Hinode/SP vector magnetic field data pipelines.

Alfred De Wijn

Alfred De Wijn - Alfred is another affiliate CSAC team member and has made invaluable contributions to the effort on the Hinode front. He received his PhD in Astrophysics in 2006 from Utrecht University. He began working at HAO in December 2006 as part of the Hinode/SP team. His main research interest is in observational studies of the solar photosphere, chromosphere, and transition region using various ground-based and space-borne instruments.

Bruce Lites

Bruce Lites - Bruce's research areas include interpretation of measurements of the solar magnetic field in terms of structure, dynamics, and energetics of the solar atmosphere. Other research interests include applications of radiative transfer to solar problems and instrumentation for solar observations. Bruce was Co-I on the Solar Optical Telescope of Hinode and is currently one of HAO's Senior Scientist Emeritus.

Scott McIntosh

Scott McIntosh - Scott's research spans the middle of the Sun's outer atmosphere mainly involving the complexities of the chromosphere and transition region, trying to understand the coupling of dynamic magnetic structure, and granulation induced wave motions. Scott's main involvement with CSAC was in gathering community codes, input, and dealing with aspects of Hinode SOT/SP "level 2" inversions. He currently oversees the CSAC efforts from his position of HAO director.