SWG8: Community, Partnerships, & Data Stewardship


This group is charged with understanding who our community is, understanding community needs, ensuring effective interface to the community, and acting as a conduit to staff groups to implement tools and products as appropriate. This team is responsible for providing guidance on standards for released data, including observations, simulation output, software, and website content.


  1. Ensure timely provision of standards compliant model output and calibrated data to the community.
  2. Develop user friendly interfaces for data analysis and interpretation that can tackle the complexity of state of the art observations and model output.
  3. Identify our community by understanding the people that benefit from our scientific work e.g. data and models.
  4. Actively connect community with our news and data


Data Distribution Guidelines:

Whether you are going to submit a proposal to a funding agency or you happen to be in possession of a handful of data that you want to preserve and distribute, you need a plan that lays out how you are going to accomplish this. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to publish your data and the people that will help you with each one of them. To start the process please visit our data distribution guidelines for HAO staff.

For information about data distribution and/or metadata, please email: hao-metadata@ucar.edu