FORWARD uses a working_dir where outputs are saved. This will default to the directory for_widget or for_drive is called from, or you can set actively in the widget or through the keyword "working_dir" in the command line. If you want to set one permanently do the following:

  1. For Linux/Unix in e.g. the .cshrc:
    • setenv FORWARD_WORKING_DIR ~myusername/whereveritis/WORKING (another choice might be to set it to /tmp)
  2. For Windows, in e.g. c:\ssw_idl\ssw\site\setup\setup.ssw_paths (or whereever this file sits on your system):
    • setenv FORWARD_WORKING_DIR [whereever you want to put it]\FORWARD_WORKING_DIR\
    • IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SETUP.SSW_PATHS - you can download them here
    • Also in the idlde preferences, Window/Preferences/IDL/Paths you may need to add FORWARD_WORKING_DIR with the path appropriate to your computer.