The forward code uses SolarSoft IDL: "Solar soft tree installation instructions"

If you are installing SolarSoft for the first time, choose the following packages: forward, chianti, xrt, eit, trace, secchi, aia, pfss, swap, lasco.
(NOTE: especially if you are running Windows, you may need to first "Install Perl")

You may want to set up SSW in e.g. your .cshrc as follows:
setenv SSW /Directory/Where/You/Have/ssw
(and at the end of the .cshrc)
source $SSW/gen/setup/setup.ssw /quiet

Add FORWARD (if you already have SolarSoft)

  1. If you have an old manual FORWARD install, remove those codes and also remove or comment out any system environment assignments
  2. Make sure your SolarSoft is up to date. See new instructions on how to upgrade SolarSoft.

(note you can also use the Solar soft web interface to add these packages).

List all of the IDL packages in SSW_INSTR (via setenv SSW_INSTR, for example in a .cshrc (Unix/Linux) or .bat (Windows) file.

  1. For Unix/Linux, setenv SSW_INSTR "forward chianti xrt eit trace secchi aia pfss swap lasco".
  2. For Windows, set SSW_INSTR=forward chianti xrt eit trace secchi aia pfss swap lasco.