Steve and Slides at UCoMP users workshop

Steve displaying slides at UCoMP users workshop.

HAO director Holly Gilbert comments: "There was great energy around the UCoMP Users Workshop last week, with many visitors coming from around the world to participate. Thanks to those who made it a success, including many early career folks!"

The first-ever UCoMP Data User’s Workshop was held the week of August 29 and was a great success. The purpose was to introduce UCoMP to the community and to organize working groups to collaborate on UCoMP first results to be published in a topical issue of Solar Physics. The workshop combined tutorial-type presentations from the UCoMP team, discussions between the UCoMP team and users, user presentations, and hands-on activities for attendees. There were 41 attendees: 23 in-person and 18 remote. Recordings of the presentations can be found on the UCoMP Youtube channel.