By Philip Judge and James A. Ionson

HAO is pleased to announce the publication of a new and timely book written for young and open-minded scientists just prior to the total eclipse over the USA in April.  Senior scientist Philip Judge and co-author James A. Ionson ask why, 8 decades after Bengt Edlen published his seminal article, we still do not have a clear answer to one of the longest-lasting puzzles in all of astronomy.  Why is the solar corona so hot?

Complete cover of Phil Judge's book, The Problem of Coronal Heating

Cover of Phil Judge's book, The Problem of Coronal Heating

The book offers deep insights during the modern era of major advances in experimentation, with new telescopes on the ground and multiple novel spacecraft -- some orbiting within the corona itself. It serves as a needed new resource for all of astronomy concerned with the coupling of gravitationally-bound objects such as stars, black holes, and galaxies to their environment, through electromagnetic forces.

The publisher's web page contains further information about the text and the authors:

Anyone interested can also watch Phil's colloqiuium video that presents just a few nuggets, including such things as radio jets, chocolate cake, and the Rolling Stones.