JGR Space Physics:  Using balloon instrument in the northern hemisphere and ground based instrument in the southern hemisphere, we study the conjugacy of the thermospheric winds of high latitudes. We found that the more summer hemispheric heating alters the thermospheric winds and resulted in a double-hump feature on the dayside meridional winds. We also used model with cusp heating to simulate the winds and were able to reproduce the double-hump feature.

Thermospheric wind observations from HIWIND

Thermospheric wind observations from HIWIND (northern summer) and JBS (southern winter) along with the TIEGCM simulations at the respective locations. The JBS data were shifted by 7 hours so that the local time of the JBS is approximately equal to that of HIWIND. The meridional winds from JBS were reversed so that the poleward meridional winds from JBS is positive for easy comparison with HIWIND data. The prominent double hump feature in northern hemisphere meridional winds (HIWIND, upper penal) is a result of the high energy input in the summer hemisphere.
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