Organizing Committee

The scientific organizing committee:

  • Rebecca Centeno (chair, HAO/NCAR)
  • Roberto Casini (HAO/NCAR)
  • Scott McIntosh (HAO/NCAR)
  • Alfred de Wijn (HAO/NCAR)
  • Valentín Martínez Pillet (NSO)
  • Claire Raftery (NSO)
  • Han Uitenbroek (NSO)
  • Elizabeth Butler (CU, NSO)
  • Steven Cranmer (CU/LASP)
  • Mark Rast (CU/LASP)

And from the NCAR Education and Outreach and the Advanced Study Program:

  • Rebecca Haacker-Santos
  • Valerie Sloan
  • Scott Briggs
  • Paula Fisher
  • Diana Zucco