The information on this site is provisional.

The core theoretical lectures will be taught during the first week of the school and will cover two broad topics, "Instrumentation and Observations" and "Polarized Radiative Transfer" (~16 hours total). These lecture courses will be complemented by shorter lecture series (1-5 hours each, during the first and second weeks of the school) on adjacent topics:

Polarized LTE radiative transfer

Jose Carlos del Toro Iniesta (IAA, Spain) will be the lecturer for the theory of radiative transfer (~10 hours). Among other topics, we will see:

  • Absorption and dispersion
  • The radiative transfer equation (RTE): derivation, emission processes and spectral line formation
  • The RTE in the presence of a magnetic field (Zeeman effect, allowed transitions, elements of the propagation matrix, effective Zeeman triplet)
  • Solving the RTE (formal solution, symmetries, evolution operator, simple solutions, Milne-Eddington approximation)
  • Stokes spectrum diagnostics (tomography, contribution functions and response functions)

Instrumentation and observations

This part will be taught by Stacey Sueoka (NSO) and Kevin Reardon (NSO) and it will take ~6 hours.

  • Polarization of light (Jones & Mueller formalisms)
  • Modification of polarization by optical devices (polarizers & retarders)
  • Requirements for polarization measurements (noise, resolution...)
  • Approaches to polarimetry (modulation schemes, dual beam polarimetry...)
  • Spectral discriminators (spectrographs, filtergraphs, fiber optics...)
  • Modern polarimeters (examples)
  • Polarization calibration techniques

Non-LTE radiative transfer

This part will be taught by Han Uitenbroek (NSO) and it will take ~5 hours.

  • Introduction to non-LTE...

Additional lecture topics

There will also be shorter lecture courses (2-3 hours) on complementary topics:

  • Spectral line inversion algorithms by Rebecca Centeno (HAO, Boulder)
  • DKIST instrumentation by Gianna Cauzzi (NSO)
  • Magnetic field disambiguation techniques by K.D. Leka (NwRA, Boulder)
  • Scattering polarization and the Hanle effect by Ivan Milic (NSO, CU) and Andres Asensio Ramos (IAC, Spain)
  • Machine Learning techniques applied to inversion problems by Ivan Milic (NSO, CU)