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The Mauna Loa Solar Observatory - Located on Mauna Loa in Hawaii, MLSO has been in operation since 1965, providing continuous solar data to the scientific community. Currently, MLSO is home to the Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (CoMP), K-Cor, and PSPT instruments. GET DATA

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Upgraded Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (UCoMP) - The Upgraded Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (UCoMP) is a 20-cm aperture Lyot coronagraph with a Stokes polarimeter and a narrow-band electro-optically tuned birefringent filter. It can image the intensity, full Stokes polarization, Doppler shift and line width across coronal emission lines in the visible and near-IR. The UCoMP is an upgrade of the Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter (CoMP) instrument.

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Coronal Multi-Channel Polarimeter - CoMP is the prototype instrument for the COSMO Large Coronagraph. The CoMP instrument (see Tomczyk, et al. 2008) can observe the coronal magnetic field with a full FOV in the low corona (~1.03 to 1.5 Rsun), as well as obtain information about the plasma density and motion. GET DATA

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Spectro-polarimetric Analysis Center - CSAC provides a centralized access portal for Stokes polarization data (and derived data products) delivered by instruments with HAO participation. It also offers a comprehensive collection of manuals and tools for the manipulation, calibration, and analysis of spectro-polarimetric data, including data reduction and calibration, spectral line inversion, magnetic field disambiguation, and data visualization codes. GET DATA