Boulder Solar Day

When (times in MT)
Fri, Sep 29 2023, 8am - 8 hours
Event Type
Building & Room
Center Green 1, auditorium



Boulder Solar Day Poster

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Boulder Solar Day is an informal 1-day meeting that brings together researchers from CU, HAO, LASP, NOAA, NSO, NWRA, and SwRI as well as out-of-town visitors to give an overview of solar research being accomplished at local institutes and to discuss current progress on solar instrumentation, observations, and models. The meeting offers a relaxed setting that encourages informal interactions, and, as such, retains its in-person format. Boulder Solar Day kicks off with coffee and refreshments early in the morning and concludes with a special Keynote talk accessible to a general audience. This year’s Keynote is given by Delores Knipp of CU and HAO and is titled “When the Sun Goes Rogue.” The Keynote is followed by our usual well-catered reception to encourage continued discussions. Both this reception and the extended breaks mid-morning and between the morning and afternoon sessions allow lengthy interactions centered around the many contributed electronic and printed posters.

If you can't attend in person but would still like to see the Keynote talk, we will be webcasting it live and recording it for future viewing. We will post the webcast url in due course. All other talks are in-person only.

Boulder Solar Day is hosted by HAO in their Center Green Building 1 with sponsorship courtesy of HAO, LASP, NSO, NWRA, and SwRI. Participation and registration are free and open to anyone interested in local solar research.

We are looking forward to seeing you in September!

The Organizing Committee:

  • Rebecca Centeno (HAO)
  • Wendy Hawkins (HAO)
  • Greg Kopp (LASP)
  • Adam Kowalski (CU/NSO)
  • Charlie Lindsey (NWRA)
  • Valentin Martinez Pillet (NSO)
  • Alessandra Pacini (NOAA/NCEI)
  • Matthias Rempel (HAO)
  • Matt West (SWRI)

Boulder Solar Alliance (BSA): Boulder is fortunate to have one of the greatest concentrations of solar physics institutes in the world. To encourage communication among researchers from these institutes, we have formed the BSA with representation from CU/CIRES, CU/JILA, CU/LASP, CU/SWx, NCAR/HAO, NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI, NOAA/NWS/SWPC, NSO, NWRA/CORA, and SwRI.