SWG7: Diversity, Outreach, Mentoring, & Education


SWG7 informal logo

The main goals of the DOME working group are to maintain a coordinated, effective, meaningful, and sustainable effort to educate and engage students, policymakers, and the general public in HAO science and to promote diversity and a culture of inclusiveness within HAO and throughout the broader atmospheric, solar, and space science community.

The mission of this working group is to support HAO staff in achieving the following objectives:

  • Train and mentor the next generation of solar, space, and atmospheric scientists and engineers
  • Be a national leader in the integration of different perspectives, backgrounds, and disciplines into our scientific research, education, and outreach
  • Promote an inclusive atmosphere in HAO for all staff and visitors
  • Inform, excite, and engage the public in HAO science and advocate for HAO interests
  • Promote scientific literacy
    • Target K-12 students and educators, the media, policymakers, and the general public
    • Increase awareness and understanding of solar, space, and atmospheric physics
    • Inspire a diverse pool of students to pursue STEM careers
  • Establish and exploit partnerships in order to maximize the effectiveness and scope of our DOME activities, (i.e., consciously seek ways to apply the multiplier effect)
  • Develop and maintain Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely (SMART) goals of HAO DOME activities
  • Align HAO DOME efforts with NCAR efforts if possible


We will strive to increase the number of undergraduate students served, and to maximize our opportunity to mentor graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. We aim to increase visits, collaborations, and mentoring opportunities with minority-serving institutions, tribal colleges, and other small colleges. In addition we mean to increase interaction of HAO scientists and engineers with K-12 children, particularly in under-served communities.

2017 HAO Instrumentation Group Summer interns

Scott Sewell (left) with the 2017 HAO Instrumentation Group Summer interns: Anihid Blaisdell, Kai Cui, Fernando Chavez, Alyssa Boll, Daniel Phelan, Luong Vi, and Keon Gibson (not pictured: Diego Gomes).