McA Digitization Method and Dataset Use

The processing of the McA maps consists of the following steps:

  1. Graphic processing software (Adobe Photoshop) is used with IDL codes to center, rotate (if necessary), and standardize the map size in width (heliolongitude) and height (heliolatitude).
  2. The programs are then used to remove any unnecessary notes, marks, or symbols, and to colorize the maps, with a specific color representing each type of feature.
  3. These processed maps are converted to FITS format as 2-D images, which reproduce color-coded solar features for each rotation and from which custom GIF images can be created using an IDL code,
  4. The metadata spreadsheet is updated as each new digitized map is completed.
  5. The final archive, consisting of the FITS and GIF files for each CR map and the metadata spreadsheet, is made publically available.