Special MLSO Observing Campaigns

Currently, MLSO has two instruments in operation - CoMP and K-Cor. Each one has different modes of operation that may aid in specific investigations. CoMP is the most flexible and has accepted special campaign requests. HAO encourages special observation requests to maximize scientific discovery for the solar and heliospheric community.

Examples of Special Observation Requests

Here are some examples of the type of requests that MLSO has received in the past:

CoMP Campaign Highlights

2014: Increased acquisition of FeXIII at 1079.8 nm to study CME shock compression ratios Requested by: Hui Tian, Harvard Smithsonian Ctr for Astrophysics and Yao Chen, Shandong University Center for Space Weather Studies

2013: Increased doppler observations to study evolution of coronal cavities and eruption of prominences and CMEs. Requested by: Alphonse Sterling, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Tim Bastian, University of Virginia and NRAO.

Applying for Observation Time

To apply for an observing campaign with one of MLSO's instruments, please fill out the:

Campaign requests will be reviewed and implemented as resources allow. Special observing campaigns will be executed by MLSO observers and instrument scientists. On-site presence of requester is not necessary due to remoteness of site and compliance with NOAA observational requirements.