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Magnetic field of the Sun

Global Maps of the Magnetic Field in the Solar Corona

An international team led by solar physicists from Peking University, China and National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), USA, has recently measured the global magnetic field of the solar corona for the first time.

Joe Huba

HAO affiliate scientist, Dr. Joe Huba, published in a popular-science journal

Dr. Joe Huba is a Senior Research Scientist at Syntek Technologies in Virginia and a long-standing Affiliate Scientist at HAO. In a Scientia article, he explores the complex process of vast plasma bubbles forming in the upper atmosphere and quickly ascending into space.


Venus in the corona

A Rare Transit of Venus Across the Sun

The K-Cor coronagraph instrument at the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory on Hawai’i is used by a team of two scientists to record the rare transit of Venus across the Sun's corona. Sky & Telescope describes the movie captured by Alfred de Wijn (High Altitude Observatory, NCAR) and Gunther Können (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute). 

Photograph of children at 2020 Little Shop of Physics with hands-on activities

HAO Outreach: 2020 Little Shop of Physics

High Altitude Observatory (HAO) staff was invited by UCAR Science Education to present “Space Weather” to the public at the Little Shop of Physics 29th Annual Open House at the Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

Solar Eclipse Team, Chile, 2019

Paul Bryans interviewed by Sun Superheroes

Paul Bryans tells Sun Superheroes that a solar eclipse is an opportunity to understand and study the Sun's magnetism. 

Phil Judge and Roberto Cassini

P Judge and R Casini Advise Early Career Researchers

Physics World presents an article co-authored by HAO senior scientists, Philip Judge and Roberto Casini, on the challenges for the "budding research scientist" when selecting a meaningful research field and future career.

Jenna Samra, taken on the Gulfstream V research aircraft

The 2017 Total Eclipse was a Life-changing Four Minutes

Jenna Samra had a very extraordinary scientific research experience while visiting Colorado this summer. The recent August 21 total solar eclipse provided Jenna a unique opportunity to test an instrument that she helped design and build, the airborne infrared spectrometer or AIR-Spec.

HAO members and collaborators at Casper Mountain, Wyoming

Rosetta Stone Eclipse Campaign

HAO scientists observed the August 21st total eclipse with a suite of three instruments with financial assistance provided by NASA. The experiments were intended to learn about the magnetic and thermal structure of the solar corona with the goal of understanding how the Sun generates weather in space.

Joab Burkepile mentoring

Joan Burkepile Mentors Middle-School Girls for Over a Decade

For over a decade, Joan Burkepile has participated in the STEM conference for middle school girls called “Expanding Your Horizons,” at CU Boulder. These one-day hands-on workshops are led by women professionals and are designed to be fun and exploratory.