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HAO News

Erupting prominence

2022 UCAR/NCAR Summer Programs: Space Weather & Heliophysics

Join us for two excellent opportunities to broaden and deepen your understanding of Space Weather and Heliophysics, and to connect with the broader space physics community—the Boulder Space Weather Summer School and the Heliophysics Summer School.

UCoMP mounted on MLSO spar

UCoMP Instrument Nearing Science Mission Phase

The Upgraded Coronal Multi-Channel Polarimeter (UCoMP) coronagraph was deployed to Mauna Loa Solar Observatory in 2021.

ICON Satellite in orbit

New Scientific Paper Featuring Observations from NASA's ICON Mission

On November 29, 2021, NASA announced a new paper where "scientists presented the first direct measurements" from the ICON mission whose purpose is to observe a very complex geospace system.

Images to highlight the corrugated surfaces at which the centers of UV lines are formed (close to τ = 1) in MURaM calculations of the upper solar chromosphere

AAS Nova Features a Recent Publication by Philip Judge

Understanding the magnitude and occurrence of solar storms is key to predicting events that can be harmful to thousands of Earth-orbiting satellites and the welfare of astronauts. A recent paper by Philip Judge et al was highlighted in AAS Nova in a their featured article entitled, "A Better Space Weather Forecasting Tool."

Data from NASA’s Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk, or GOLD, mission reveals the twin bands of charged particles that persist near the equator at night

NASA Features Research by HAO Scientist Xuguang Cai

Since 2017, HAO has provided scientific support and analysis for NASA's Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD). 

HiWind instrument during final flight preparations in Kiruna, Sweden, June, 2011

HIWIND Prepares for a New Zealand Flight in 2022

Project scientist, Qian Wu and the HAO engineering team are busy at CG1 1st lab preparing for the HiWIND New Zealand flight anticipated for year 2022.

Annie Maunder's birthday book and her formal portrait

Great Grandson of Walter & Annie Maunder Thanks HAO

Andrew L Maunder wrote HAO: I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the recent bio pages for Walter and Annie S D Maunder presented on the UCAR NCAR website. In particular, I’m pleased to see the Elliot and Fry studio portrait being used for Annie. For so long there were no good images of her in the public domain, and so I have been very pleased to get this one out there for all to see.

Damon Burke and Steve Tomczyk standing in front of optical equipment at Marshall Fields

The Marshall Field Site

HAO engineer Damon Burke and Senior Scientist Steve Tomczyk are shown in front of a suite of remote observing instrumentation at the Marshall Field site. These instruments will support the COSMO Observatory site survey project (COSADA), a 3 year project to determine scientifically optimal locations for the construction of HAO's proposed COSMO Solar Observatory.

Cover of Jack Eddy's book

The Sun, The Earth, and Near-Earth Space

"The Sun, The Earth, and Near-Earth Space", written by late astronomer Dr. John A. Eddy, assembles concise explanations and descriptions—easily read and readily understood—of what we now know of the chain of events and processes that connect the Sun to the Earth, with especial emphasis on space weather and Sun-Climate.