HAO News

HAO News

UCoMP Users Workshop

International UCoMP Users Workshop

HAO director Holly Gilbert comments: "There was great energy around the UCoMP Users Workshop last week, with many visitors coming from around the world to participate. Thanks to those who made it a success, including many early career folks!" The first-ever UCoMP Data User’s Workshop was held the week of August 29 and was a great success. The purpose was to introduce UCoMP to the community and to organize working groups to collaborate on UCoMP first results to be published in a topical issue of Solar Physics.

My Corona dancers

COSMOrama's new video — "My Corona"!

The upcoming solar eclipses and excitement of COSMO development have us so giddy that we broke into song (literally). We invite you to watch the result!

Liu Wave Models for Hunga-Tonga

Eos Editor's Highlight Features HAO Research

The research article  “Atmospheric and Ionospheric Responses to Hunga-Tonga Volcano Eruption Simulated by WACCM-X”, was selected for featuring as an Editor’s Highlight on Eos.org. Fewer than 2 per cent of papers are selected to be featured in this way.

**Their research article was just published on Eos.org. In addition, see HAO's "Latest Research Highlights".

Sponsored KidWind 2023 students enjoying a group photograph behind the Mesa Lab

HAO Sponsors Aspiring Young Scientists

As part of HAO's DEI initiative, we recently sponsored nine 4th & 5th grade girls (and 1 boy) and 8 parents from Port Towns Elementary School in Bladensburg, MD, a predominantly low-income area near Washington, DC, to travel to Boulder and participate in the KidWind Challenge at CU. They had won the regional competition, which qualified them for a chance to compete here with their wind turbine.

Predrag Sekulic (former DKIST optical engineer lead, left) and Robert Casini (right) installing ViSP

First Observation of Chromospheric Waves in a Sunspot by DKIST/ViSP

The first scientific paper using data from the Visible SpectroPolarimeter (ViSP) has been published. The Inouye Solar Telescope's ViSP reveals new insight into the magnetic properties of waves and shocks as observed as "umbral flashes" within a small sunspot.

ViSP was developed at HAO and this publication is co-authored by HAO scientists Roberto Casini, Alfred de Wijn, and Philip Judge.

Erupting prominence

2023 UCAR/NCAR Summer Program: Heliophysics

The Heliophysics Summer School is run by NASA's Living With a Star program and UCAR/CPAESS since 2007; focusing on the physics of space weather events.
Apply for this summer 2023—deadline is
3 March 2023, see website.

We regret that the Space Weather Summer School is not meeting in 2023, but we hope to resume in 2024.

Mary Hudson smiling in front of a observatory building at Dartmouth College

Mary Hudson Named Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the world’s largest aerospace professional society, has selected Dartmouth professor and HAO Senior Research Associate Mary Hudson to be a member of the Class of 2023 AIAA Associate Fellows.

Mauna Loa November 2022 eruption

Hawaii's Mauna Loa Erupts after 38 years; Mauna Loa Solar Observatory temporarily closed

After 38 years, Hawaii's Mauna Loa erupted on Sunday 27 November 2022 at 11:30 PM local time. The eruption quickly filled the summit caldera forcing lava to spill and flow outward in an east and west direction. While the exact timing was a surprise, the eruption was anticipated due to recently felt earthquakes. Lava flows east of the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) have destroyed parts of the access road to the observatory and knocked out all power to the site. MLSO is not near any lava flows and not in any immediate danger.

Charlie outdoors at Mauna Loa with windswept hair

Remembering Charlie Garcia

Charlie J. Garcia passed away comfortably on 11/19/21 at age 91 surrounded by his caring family members. There is a celebration of his life on Saturday, November 5, 2022 in Hilo, HI. The High Altitude Observatory (HAO) at National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) would like to honor Charlie’s life with the following photographic highlights from his long career as the Mauna Loa Chief Observer.