HAO News

HAO News

WACCM simulation results for 4 February at 21:00 UT

Linking Terrestrial and Space Weather Using High-Resolution WACCM

For the first time, a mesoscale-resolving whole atmosphere general circulation model has been developed. This was accomplished using the National Center for Atmospheric Research Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model with ∼0.25° horizontal resolution and 0.1 scale height vertical resolution above the middle stratosphere.

Mk4 images of the solar corona near solar maximum in Jan 2000 and solar minimum

End of an era: The Mauna Loa K-coronameter is decommissioned

The Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) K-coronameter (Mk4), was decommissioned on August 2, 2013, to be replaced by the new COSMO K-coronagraph.

Electrical engineer, Brandon Larson, and Technician Rob Graves install the K-cor center section onto the solar spar at the NCAR Mesa Lab in Boulder

A New Coronagraph for Mauna Loa

NCAR's High Altitude Observatory (HAO) will be installing a new white light coronagraph at the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) in Hawaii in August of this year (2013).